"Bad Dads" Wes Anderson Tribute at Spoke Art

I went to the fantastic BAD DAD's Wes Anderson tribute show at Spoke Art last weekend and thought I'd share some photos of the work on display. The miniature replicas by Vic De Leon were especially amazing, with incredible little details. My photos don't do them justice (also included my finger so you can see the scale- they are TINY!). Lots of the pieces were sold out by the time I went to the show, but you can see all the prints originally on display here and originals here- there's still some pretty incredible pieces available!

Fox Prints by Ryan Berkley

Moonrise Kingdom Prints by Oliver Barrett

Awesome Banners by Dan Christofferson

Cute Grand Budapest Hotel piece by Cuddly Rigor Mortis

Fantastic Mr. Fox print by Doug LaRocca

All the characters, Lego style, by Matt Chase

Resin Steve Zissou by Codeczombie

Awesome Mr. Fox figure by Maryanna Hoggatt

Gorgeous Grand Budapest Hotel print by Alex Pearson

Miniatures by Vic De Leon

Peter Kato's November Blues Bedtime Bunnies & Sleeptime Bunnies

There's an awesome toy release happening tonight (November 24th) at 8pm over on Peter Kato's webshop.

Here's the details

November Blues Bedtime Bunnies & Sleeptime Bunnies Blind Pack edition with Chase figures in each type.

Coming in an assortment of a November frozen blue hues I have made colors ranging from light to dark blues including clear translucent blue chase figures as all stock will be packed blind assorted this time.

There will be in stock 15 pieces Medium size Bedtime Bunnies ($20 each) with chance of 2 clear blue chase figures.

15 pieces Small size Bedtime Bunnies ($12 each) with chance of 2 clear blue chase figures.

35 pieces Sleeptime Bunnies ($12 each) with chance of 1 clear blue chase figure.

Thousand Skies Handmade

Smitten with these adorable pillows and accessories by Thousand Skies!

BoldB Jewelry

I've filled my holiday wishlist with wood & resin necklaces from the GORGEOUS BoldB Etsy shop. I want everything!